Synthetic Body Parts







Past Consulting Projects



        Evaluated premature failure modes and related device process manufacturing problems for diaphragms a heart assist device.

        Evaluated elastomer selection and device design followed by specific testing on an inter-gastric balloon that was failing prematurely.

        Evaluated claims of patent infringement on a vascular catheter.

        Evaluated background and proposed biological safety testing methodology on a new rubber.

        Evaluated material and process problems encountered in dip casting a latex biomedical product.

        Evaluated premature failure by environmental stress cracking of an artificial heart pump casing.

        Evaluated process problems resulting in the separation of layers of elastomeric tubing.

        Pointed out potential materials availability problems in the development of a long-term implant.

        Determined the composition of a competitive product (adhesive) and suggested modifications in a current formulation.


Orthopedic Product Development and Commercialization


cardiovascular Product DEVELOPMENT and research


Environmental and analytical research





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